Winter Tree Care in Alabama

Winters in Alabama can be especially hard on trees! Serious damage including trunks splitting apart, limbs breaking and total tree failure can occur. If there are structural defects in your trees, this can significantly increase the risk of tree and property damage. Please Contact Us to have your property’s trees inspected by A Noble Tree Company professional to determine if any action is required. As a last resort, we offer Emergency Tree Removal, Tree Cabling, Pruning and other services to help protect your property and existing trees.

Reduce Your Liabilities

Here are the top 6 steps every homeowner should take now to protect the safety and health of your trees throughout the long winter months:

  1. Make sure to water your trees! Winters in Alabama can be incredibly dry in spells. We can often go weeks without any precipitation at all. Mark your calendar every few weeks or so to give your trees a good long drink within the root zone. They’ll thank you for it come Spring time.
  2. Prune problem areas with your trees: Tree Pruning by A Noble Tree Company trims dangerous limbs and branches away from your home, sidewalks and driveway. In addition, thinning tree crowns helps reduce weight and wind resistance and removes dead wood that is likely to break in a storm.
  3. Remove your dead trees and ugly stumps: Winter is a great time for having a Tree Removed. The winter ground is hard, so the impact on your beautiful lawn and gardens is minimized. Keep in mind, it’s especially important to remove dead or hazardous trees, as these are the most vulnerable to damage from harsh winter winds and storms.
  4. Protect your evergreens from harsh winter winds: Winter burn can hurt or kill your needle evergreens. It’s not too late to shield your plants with winter protectant.
  5. Keep deer away from your plants: If you live in an area that has a lot of deer, use of deer repellent can help keep the animals from damaging your foliage and plants and also keep them from spreading deer ticks.
  6. Install Tree Cables: Cables create a safety net for your trees. Homeowners should have their trees by a professional, and A Noble Tree Company specializes in cable installations and can help you determine the best way to avoid damage to your trees.

Winter is an excellent time to complete tree work because trees are in a dormant state. Because of this dormancy, a tree in winter is better able to handle more extensive pruning. In addition, the harder ground means that we are able to bring heavy equipment closer to the tree with a lesser risk of damage to your property, saving you both time and money.

A Noble Tree Company is always happy to offer you a free inspection. For more advice on winter tree care or if you have additional questions contact us or call (251) 257-7774.

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