Summer Tree Care in the Pikes Peak Region

fall_stripped_02Summer is a perfect time for backyard fun with the family. Alas, it’s also a time of nasty Colorado storms. A Noble Tree Company can help you make the most of your beautiful yard and help protect your trees from unpredictable Colorado summer storm damage.

  •  Get a free evaluation: A Noble Tree Company Professiona will evaluate your trees for dead and dying limbs, problems with your roots, underperforming leaf development and pests. If we identify any problems, we have the expertise and experience required to handle any of your tree care needs. Some of the services we provide are tree pruning, tree cablingemergency tree removal and stump grinding/removal.
  • Safety First:  Most tree accidents occur during or after summer storms. A Noble Tree Company will remove deadwood, thin tree crowns and install tree cables when necessary when encountering weak limbs. Tree removal should be completed as a last resort on any tree that is deemed a danger to your family or property.
  • Allow the sun to shine on your patio, front lawn, walkways and gardens. Tree pruning can elevate, thin or selectively prune your trees around patios, walkways and gardens, or anywhere you require more light.

Take Action Now!

Tree pruning: Prune for tree safety, beauty and tree health

Tree removal: Remove hazardous and damaged trees before the crazy Colorado summer storms strike!

Stump removal: Get rid of your ugly stumps. A Noble Tree Company has a variety of stump grinding methods to reach even the most challenging locations!


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A Noble Tree Company accepts all major credit cards

A Noble Tree Company accepts checks, bank cards, and all major credit cards.


Troy knows trees! I have had him trim my trees for a couple of years now and they are more healthy and fuller!
Amy W., Colorado Springs