Tree Pruning / Tree Trimming

The primary goal behind tree pruning is to revitalize a tree’s health, beauty and shape. It’s true that while many Alabama companies advertise tree pruning or trimming services, few are experts. At A Noble Tree Company, we pride ourselves on being the most qualified and professional tree specialists, with a vast amount of knowledge and experience covering trees common to the region, while also including many unique tree species.

First you must decide whether you’d like to prune the tree personally or hire an expert in the field. Trimming or pruning smaller trees and shrubs is easy enough if you have a fairly decent understanding of what you’re doing. Regarding larger trees, however, we recommend calling a professional tree care company. You should consider personal safety when approaching a tree pruning project. At A Noble Tree Company we have decades of pruning experience, use and maintain high-end safety equipment and practice pruning procedures regularly to minimize the risks that working with trees might present.

Reasons for Tree Pruning

Because each and every cut into your tree has the increased possibility of changing a tree’s growth pattern and overall health, we go to great lengths to take extreme care wherever we cut. We’ll only prune your trees for specific reasons including:

  • Removing dead branches
  • To increase the tree’s health by allowing additional light and airflow to the tree’s crown
  • Removing crowded or limbs rubbing against each other

It’s certainly possible to over-thin a tree out. A significant amount of your tree’s energy reserves are stored within the foliage. Cutting away too may green leafy branches could place a strain on your tree’s health and future growth. Because of this, we generally counsel pruning to be done on a minimal basis to truly aid and maintain the shape and health of the tree.

Tree Pruning Techniques

At A Noble Tree Company, we utilize a several pruning techniques that can be divided into sub categories. These meticulous steps lead to a beautiful, healthier, happier trees.

Cleaning: We’ll remove dead, diseased, dying, or broken branches.

Thinning: This process is often performed in order to reduce the overall weight load on larger branches, increasing light and air penetration to the crown which helps to improve the overall shape of the tree.

Reduction: This is primarily done when there’s a danger of branches intersecting with power lines. This process helps to maintain the form and structural integrity of the tree in its entirety.

Raising: Sometimes tree branches obstruct sidewalks or paths. We’ll clear an area allowing for a better traffic flow.

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